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For parts new or used, or components that may be faulty but still too good to discard. 



 1990's made Western Electric 300B. This pair was very lightly used in a 300B line preamp design running at about 15% of what 300B are typically run at in a power amp. So lots of juice left in this pair. The bases are still firm.  Comes with the original boxes and certificates. S$2200 for the pair.





 PSvane 6CA7 output tubes. Like new condition. Match quad. Comes in its original box. S$200.Sold




 National 6CA7/EL34 output tubes. Marked as Made in Germany. Likely to be Siemens. Like new condition. Matched quad for S$400. Sold




 Luxman MB3045 mono tube amp. Output tubes is a pair of KT88. 110VAC mains unit. One piece only. Fuse will blow on switch on. Selling as is for S$200. Sold



 Pioneer vintage PD100/PH50 driver and horns system. 8 ohm. The cast alloy metal horn's mouth dimensions are approx. 12"X4". Each horn has 4 cells. Excellent condition. S$550. Sold



 KEF B139 woofers. Has marks on the front but does not affect workings. S$250 for the pair.Sold



 Yamaha JA-0801 beryllium mid dome driver used in the NS1000M speakers. Used but in good working condition. S$350.



 Yamaha JA-5038A woofer for the NS1000M. Used but good working condition. S$250



 Yamaha NS1000M beryllium dome tweeter. Model is JA-0513. Used but good working condition. S$200.



 Kenwood KD500 direct drive turntable. Not working. Platter do not spin. The plinth and original acrylic cover is in excellent condition. S$50. Sold



 Solid aluminum top plates for a pair of mono blocks tube amps. Milled from a 16mm block of aluminum. Dimension are 53 X 22 cm. Cut outs for output and mains transformers, four main capacitors and tubes. Good for DIY use. $50 for the pair.




 Laboratory standard tube regulated power supply. Adjustable voltage (up to 300Vdc) and current (200mA). Tested working condition. 110VAC mains unit. Good for DIY tube electronics use. S$50. Sold





 Mullard military grade signal tubes. CV4004. Equivalent of ECC83 or 12AX7. New in the box(NOS). Two pieces only at  S$200 each. Sold






 Renkus Heinz Model SSL 12-2 woofer. 12 " and 8 ohm. One piece only. S$30.






 Elma rotary switches. 6 way-4 positions. Product no. 04-1630. Brand new. 3 pieces available at $40 each.





 Brimar EZ81 rectifier tubes. Made in Great Britain. New old stock. S$75 each. Sold




 Morganite potentiometer. 100K impedance- 'A' type. Made in U.K. New old stock. This is a mono unit. Will need two for stereo. Has a limited number for sale at S$25 each.




 McIntosh 12 inch woofer. One piece only. Comes with original carton box. Details printed on sticker on back of magnet is 036057/8337. Price is S$150.




KEF B200A woofers.JPG (72310 bytes) KEF Constructor series B200A midbass drivers. 8" units. Used but in good working order. S$100 for the pair.Sold




DET 16.JPG (58178 bytes) DET 16. Made in England. Similar large triode like the 211 and use a similar base. It however has an anode cap. No boxes, S$100 for the pair.




CV4005.JPG (51253 bytes) Mullard CV4005 tube rectifier. This is the equivalent of 6X4. Limited quantities. New old stock. S$100 each.





Brimar CV 4035 tubes.JPG (60841 bytes) Brimar CV 4035 audio tubes. Rare NOS. These are the electrical equivalent of ECC83 or 12AX7. However these comes with flying leads instead of the regular pins. Good for those who DIY their own tube circuits. S$120 for the pair.



Oil tube-12AX7.JPG (47911 bytes) Oil sealed tube. Jan GE 12AX7. Part of an interesting experiment to find out how the tube sounded when immersed in an oil environment. Sounded great. Very quiet and dark background in the soundstage. Problem was out of 6 tubes made, 5 leaked oil after a couple months. This is the sole remaining unit that has'nt leaked yet. About 4 years already. Tube is good as new. Was not use since then. No return if oil do leak. S$50.




Mains and Outputs  



Transformer 30 0 30 4.2.JPG (82770 bytes)Transformer 30 0 30 4.2 Top.JPG (91480 bytes) Power transformer. Good for solid state amplifiers. Primary is 10-0-200-220-240 VAC. Secondary is 30-0-30 at 4.2 amps for a total VA of 252 watts. Dimension are 115W X 102D X 170H in mm.S$50.




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