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Accessories, Cables Etc


 Kimber 8TC speaker cables. 3 meter pair. S$50. 2 meter pair. S$30.Sold



 Van Del Hul MC D102 MK III interlink cable. With original Van Del Hul plugs. One meter pair. S$120. Sold




 Cable Talk 4.1 biwiring speaker cables. 15ft pair. Made in England. S$60. Sold.




 Hard rubber Isolation platform. These are used in industrial application for heavy machinery to reduce vibration noise. When use under turntables, amps or other audio equipment, the result is a clearer and cleaner sound. Dimensions are 400mm X 500mm X 38mm. Weight is approx 10Kg. S$250.



 Interconnects by Anti-Cables. 1.5 meter pair. S$120.



 MIT MH-770 speakers cables. Terminated in spades. 12 feet pair. S$950.Sold



 Audioquest speaker cables. Not sure which because the markings have all worn off. Spades terminated. Biwired. 8 feet pair. S$150.Sold



 PS Audio Ultimate Outlet(UO) line conditioner. Two outlets. Brand new condition. Comes with original packaging carton. S$200.Sold



 Argentum Acoustics Aureus-2 speaker cables. 8 feet pair. Terminations can be spades or banana plugs which can be screwed into the ends of the cables. Comes with the original storage box. More info here. S$650. Sold




 Tube coolers. Manufactured from pure copper. Slip on power tubes like 6550, EL34, 6L6 and such to dissapate the heat from the tubes. This will increase the longevity of the tubes. Will also reduce microphonics for better clarity and bass performance of your tube amp.2.5" height. S$20 each. Limited stock.



 Estacy Prop Footers. Used to support hifi equipment like CD players, amps and turntables. S$95 for a set of fours.




 Classic Rock posters already framed. Hundreds of many sizes. The largest being 27" X 40" in metal frames. Also some classic movies posters like "Gone with the Wind" and "Casablanca". Prices are mostly below the cost of the frames.



Belt & Drive non-slip.JPG (43414 bytes) Belt and drive non-slip. Simply apply the liquid using the built in brush to old or worn out rubber belts or idler wheels on turntables to give them a new lease of live. S$20.





Novus No 2.JPG (41386 bytes) Novus No. 2 plastic polish. Idea for turntables acrylic covers.$12






Novus No 3.JPG (40767 bytes) Novus No.3 polish for heavy scratches on plastic surfaces like acrylic turntable covers. $15