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Address: 292 Bedok Road, Bedok Shopping Complex


Singapore 469448


Email: zennaudio@gmail.com


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 Antique "His Master's Voice" gramophone build into a case. Works perfectly. Excellent condition. All metal parts are nice and shiny. No rust. Comes with a dozen steel needles. S$1200. Sold




 Sanyo Stereo Music Center. Vintage quality built into a briefcase. 3 in 1 consists of a turntable with three speed of 33, 45 and 78 rpm, cassette deck and a radio with MW, SW1 and SW2 bands. Has two small speakers which can be taken out and placed outside the system. Can run on mains voltage of 230VAC or 6 pieces of "D" cell batteries. S$150. Sold



HMV vintage horn.JPG (62077 bytes) HMV vintage horn hand crank type gramophone. Working condition. S$250.Sold






Grundig antique radio.JPG (55060 bytes) Grundig vintage solid state medium wave and FM mono radio. Great working condition. S$120.Sold





HMV 1.JPG (82945 bytes)HMV3.JPG (83374 bytes)HMV 2.JPG (60804 bytes) HMV tube Vintage stereo console with separate speakers .Output tubes are EL84 in single ended mode for 5 watts per channel into 8 ohm. All original Mullard and Marconi tubes. Speakers are two way with 9" X 5" oval shaped midbass drivers. Comes with a Garrard turntable changer. fitted with a ceramic cartridge that offers a high level output But turntable is not working. No reception on the radio. However the amp is working perfectly. Modified to accept a line input from a CD player or an external phono amp. Can easily replace the changer turntable with a higher quality turntable. S$600.Sold



Blaupunkt Vintage radio.JPG (63384 bytes) Blaupunkt tube radio. FM/SW/MW/LW. Comes with original tubes. Should be working but it was able to pick out only one foreign station on testing. This could be due location where signals are weak. Overall cosmetic is quite good. One small nick on the front wood work and a couple on the sides. The cloth and plastic front facade is in excellent condition. S$220.Sold


Marconi Hifi system.JPG (57214 bytes)Marconi hi fi systema.JPG (56774 bytes) Marconi vintage stereo music system. All in one package. Turntable and pair of detachable speakers. 16, 33, 45 and 78 rpm. Fully operational. S$65. Sold.




Tube regulated supply.JPG (68459 bytes) Tube regulated power supply. Idea for the tube circuit designer to determine the best parameters for a particular circuit. B+ voltage adjustable from 10 to 400 VDC. Bias voltage up to 200VDC. Heater voltage for 6.3 VAC and 12.6 VAC. Working condition despite some rust on the chassis. S$200. Sold.




antiGR.jpg (53790 bytes)antiGR1.jpg (34727 bytes)antiGR2.jpg (70210 bytes) NOS stylus and headshell replacements for a Philips player. Twenty pieces of these, still sealed in the box. $25 each or the lot at discounted price. 




Philips tube radio.JPG (96279 bytes) Philips tube Medium wave radio. Unit fires up, no station captured because there are no radio stations transmitting in medium wave. According to owner, it worked while in Malaysia where there are transmissions in medium wave. Sold as is. S$150. Sold